Job-hunting? Tips for jobseekers in 2021

Tips for jobseekers

The rules of job-hunting have changed slightly and to stand out in a crowd of jobseekers you’ll have to shine.

In a year where South Africa’s unemployment rate has risen to 32.5% it is more important than ever to ensure you stand out from your peers. They are your direct competition and each of them will be taking the time to work on their CVs, social media profiles and skills – and so should you.

Here are a few things that you can do to stand out:

  1. Review your social media profiles and posts. Remove any posts or images that are inappropriate or change your personal social media accounts to private. Update your LinkedIn profile and ensure that you have written an impactful “about” section.
  2. Affiliate yourself with relevant institutional and/or social bodies.
  3. Work on your soft skills
    Think adaptability, collaborative abilities, communication skills, creative thinking, crisis management skills, delegation skills – these are all skills that great team players need.
  4. Invest in your professional development. Complete a few online courses to upskill and impress potential employers. Read our article here for free online courses.

If you are knowledgeable about a specific subject or industry, position yourself as a problem-solver and solutions-provider by sharing your thoughts on a platform like LinkedIn.

  1. Do research and evaluate your skills compared to others that have the job you want.
  2. Update your CV. List your experiences, but also highlight any successes you may have had. We’ve previously shared CV tips here.
  3. Network on social platforms such as LinkedIn, contact recruitment agencies directly.
  4. Virtual interviews are here to stay, you might as well start practicing.

Good luck on your job-hunting journey and be sure to keep an eye on our jobs page here.