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Our exclusive network of contractors, our Goldenrulers, receive the assistance that is essential to achieving their goals. Browse jobs, click here.

  • We are wholly invested in our people and are dedicated to growing their careers
  • We offer membership to our medical aid scheme, gap cover as well as access to our risk benefits
  • We facilitate training and development for our people
  • We provide our GoldenRulers with annual, sick and family responsibility leave

We believe in building your career and helping you achieve your dreams.

GoldenRule IT Recruitment Services

Human Capital Ambassadors (HCA’S)

Our dedicated team of Human Capital Ambassadors ( HCA’S) meet with our GoldenRulers on a regular basis. Our HCA’S ensure that our GoldenRulers’ professional needs are met and taken care of. Join GoldenRule today, let us help you build your career.

Permanent Placements

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We commit to aligning your skills set and ambitions with the right employer, allowing you to thrive in an environment best suited to your individual attributes.

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