Sustaining a Positive Outlook

Stay positive while jobhunting

Sustaining a positive outlook at work can be difficult especially when we are faced with new and uncertain challenges.

Starting a role in a new project environment is a scenario we can examine to gain insight into how we can stay positive and conquer our self-doubts when faced with the unknown.

Not knowing the people in our new work environment, being unsure of the team dynamics, and even specifics of the job role are just some uncertainties that cause anxiety.

Regardless of how advanced we are in our career, a new role can be overwhelming, causing us to feel as though we are not going to be good enough or make a success of it.

Here are some approaches we can use to help to keep positive and overcome self-doubt:

Trust Yourself

When starting a new role, we can feel as though we’re expected to perform, and find the best solutions straight away and know all the answers from the start.  The reality is that no one expects us to know everything.  It’s rather about making the best decisions we can.

When faced with something you are unsure about, be clear that you are still working things out and will get back to them.  Trust yourself that you are capable to guide your way to the best solutions one step at a time.

Remember Why you were Appointed

The overwhelming feeling of starting a new role can side-track us as to why we were actually appointed there in the first place.  Remind yourself that you have started the new project role because you were selected for it.

Remember why you were first excited about starting.  Think about the value you bring to the business, the difference you make, and the opportunity you have to develop and grow your skills and then, keep focused on these things.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Anxiety in a new role is also formed by thinking that others in the business are better in some ways than you, know more and are more capable.

Remember that we all are people.  They also had to learn the business when they were new and so will you.


Analyse your Thoughts

Recognise your thoughts because your thoughts determine how you feel, and your attitude about situations. By having more control over your thinking, you will have more control over how you feel.

Make a note during the course of the day about what you’re spending time thinking about.  If there is something that’s causing anxiety, then it needs to be resolved.

For example, this could be that you are being micro-managed from the onset with too much time spent in unnecessary meetings, leaving you with a work backlog, and feelings of frustration because your skills and abilities are not trusted.  The solution to this could be to schedule an open and honest meeting and agree to a weekly or bi-monthly report back rather than daily report backs.

Surround Yourself with Positive Co-Workers and Friends

Protect your work environment against negativity by reducing time spent with disgruntled and negative co-workers, as their emotions will bring you down.  Negativity is more contagious than positivity as it’s easier to be negative and complain, than to be positive.

Similarly, friends also have a large influence on us because we value their opinions.  It’s important to spend personal time with people who motivate you, uplift you with positive comments, and support you in achieving your goals.  Good friends produce positive emotions in us, build our confidence and encourage us to achieve our dreams.