Software Developers in high demand

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The Career Junction Index (CJI) indicated that a number of industries like IT, Finance and HR a showed a growth in hiring activity of between 10% – 25% year-on-year. The CJI uses data gathered from the Career Junction website to represent labour dynamics in South Africa. The most recent report was released in February 2017.

  • The IT industry has experienced a year-on-year growth of 23%.
  • Since the beginning of 2017, over 27% of job postings were allocated to IT professionals.
  • The majority of those vacancies are allocated to IT professionals specialising in Software Development.
  • C# and .Net skills at the forefront of market demand.

At GoldenRule we have seen a definite rise in the demand for IT professionals – especially software developers. Our clients have requested a large number of:

  • .Net Developers
  • Java Developers
  • Oracle Developers
  • IT Managers
  • System Analysts

If you are an IT professional looking for a new challenge, browse our IT jobs.

Being employable as a software developer is all about keeping things fresh, interesting, and constantly circulating. Ensure you stay abreast of the latest trends and be an expert in your field.

Popular programming languages

The Tiobe Index and PYPL Index for March 2017 have been released, with Java maintaining its number one spot on both lists. This month Swift (a general purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux) entered the TIOBE index top 10 for the first time.

The TIOBE Programming Community Index and PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index are both used as an indicator of the popularity of programming languages and is updated on a monthly basis.

The top 10 languages from each index are shown in the table below:

Tiobe Ranking Change YoY PYPL Ranking Change YoY
Java -4.14% Java -1.4%
C -6.86% Python +3.0%
C++ -1.54% PHP -1.2%
C# +0.14% C# -0.4%
Python -0.34% JavaScript +0.4%
Visual Basic .NET +0.61% C++ -0.5%
PHP +0.24% C -0.1%
JavaScript +0.33% Objective-C -0.6%
Delphi/Object Pascal +0.54% R +0.4%
Swift +0.68% Swift +0.0%