Self-motivate & take the next step in your career

Positivity while searching for a job

A positive attitude helps us cope more easily with life’s daily challenges. It produces optimism in our lives which makes it easier to avoid worrying, and negative thinking.

Positive affirmations send positive messages to our subconscious minds.  These statements are tools that reframe negative thoughts into positive thoughts and attitudes.  By thinking and feeling positive, we are more likely to attain positive results, and a positive work environment.  A positive attitude enables us to become more open and confident to take on new opportunities.

Here are some positive affirmations with self-reflection questions to help you change the way you think about work.

 “I am appreciated at work.”

Often, I find that I am over-worked and frustrated because of it.  But regardless of this, I believe my colleagues and supervisor appreciate me as I receive compliments on all my work projects.

Whether I am completing work before deadlines, taking on a job that no one else will do, or volunteering to help others complete their tasks, my supervisor thanks me. I am receptive when my colleagues tell me how much they appreciate my help.

I know that my effort at work is appreciated which helps keep me motivated.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I believe I am valued at work?
  2. What do I do when people show their appreciation of my work?
  3. How can I be more aware of the positive responses I receive from others?

“I envision myself in a higher position.”

I am an excellent employee. Every task I perform is done with excellence because I take pride in my work. I am motivated to achieve the most in life and I envision myself in a higher position than the one I hold now.

I deserve to be promoted because I have gained the experience and skills needed to perform at a more senior level that involves more responsibilities.

I will inquire about promotions within the company as the first step in preparing myself for what is to come.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Where do I see myself three years from now?
  2. What position would I want to be promoted to?
  3. Am I willing to put in the effort and extra responsibilities required to take a step up?

“I work harder and more intelligently than my competitors.”

I am the hardest working person I know.  When I know I’ve worked hard, I feel good about myself.

My work ethic is what sets me apart from others.  I spend my time intelligently by planning ahead to ensure I accomplish as much as possible and outwork my competition.  I know which tasks add the greatest amount of value and I make the best use of my time every day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I best use my time today? What needs to be accomplished the most?
  2. How can I waste less time every day? How can I get more important things done?
  3. What person or company is my greatest competition? How can I outperform them?

“My work satisfies me.”

My career is appealing and meaningful to me. I enjoy learning.  I add to my knowledge and skills by signing up for training programs and online courses.

I can manage working independently and suggest valuable innovations and ideas.

I encourage collaboration and share my knowledge and insights with my colleagues.  I take pleasure in seeing the company do well.

I use my talents in my work to make a living and to help others.  I think about those who benefit from my work, and the services that the company provides, and this is satisfying.

I approach my work with enthusiasm and commitment.  I use my job to build up my achievements and contribute to the world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does my job reflect my values?
  2. What tasks give me a sense of flow?
  3. What is one thing I can do today to advance my career?