Interview Tips: How to answer “What are your salary expectations?”

Answering the salary expectations question the wrong way could cost you the job – even if you are the best suited candidate for the position.

If you get asked any of the below questions, know that you are still going to compare you to other candidates, you may also sell yourself short or price yourself out of the opportunity before making a good impression.

  1. What are you looking to make?
  2. What are you making now?
    Most recruiters believe that a 10 – 15% increase on your current salary would be a good enough incentive…

Your recruitment consultant at GoldenRule will advise you on how to answer this question, but in case you are dealing direct with the HR recruitment manager we have a few tips to help you answer the salary expectations question:

  • Let them know that you are more interested in finding a company that is a good fit for your skills – and that you are sure that the salary they may be offering is competitive in the current market.
  • Based on my research Rx – Rx per year is typical based on the role and requirements – however I am open to offers.
  • Let’s discuss what my roles and responsibilities at this company would be as it is not exactly the same as my current position. I’m sure the salary you are offering is competitive in the current market.

Our advice is to be prepared for your interview, make a great impression, leave the negotiations to your recruitment agent and land that job.

Good luck on your job hunt this year!