IKM Assessments

IKM candidate and skills assessments

Assessment, ten letters that strike panic into the hearts of children and adults alike. No one enjoys being judged because we all want to be loved for all the things that make us unique. Well that is the case with an IKM assessment, an assessment tailored to you.

What is an IKM assessment?

An online skill and knowledge assessment used for pre-hire candidate screening, pre and post training assessment as well as employee skills audits. It consists of 30 – 50 multiple-choice questions that will take 45 – 60 minuets to complete.

Why do I have to complete it?

IKM assessments make it easier for the potential employer to get to know the real you. The assessment doesn’t only cover skills and knowledge testing, it also includes aptitude and attitude testing as well. This will give the interviewer accurate focus points and a clear line of questioning, which will shorten the interview time and the sweaty palms

How to prepare?

Bare in mind the IKM assessment is not a pass or fail assessment, it simply aims to asses the skills and knowledge you have acquired during your career development. The best preparation would be to keep abreast with changes in your chosen field and how they your current skillset.

How do I complete it?

You will need a quiet environment with a laptop or desktop, a stable Internet connection, a pen and paper. With an IKM it is more important to answer correctly than it is to answer quickly, take the time to read and understand the questions clearly as there can be up to three correct answers for each question. When the question requires the best or optimal solution that means that there will only be one correct answer. If faced with a completely unfamiliar question rather skip it than get it incorrect, be mindful not to skip too many question as this might cause the test to be suspended also note that once a question is skipped or answered you cannot return to it later.

The assessment must be completed in one sitting, you cannot logout and resume  later. The IKM assessment is an adaptive assessment that means it begins with hard questions if you get them wrong it moves to easier questions and if you get them right it moves on to harder questions in order to accurately gauge your skill level.


An IKM assessment will give your potential employer a clearer indication of the skills that you posses and it will give you a better understanding of the skills required by an organization as well as the culture fit. Allowing you to take the next upward step in you career development journey.