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It’s a myth that recruiters prefer one page over two (or more pages) pages.

We recommend using the reverse chronological format whereby you will start with the most recent work experience and qualifications. Do add dates, employer names, job titles, course names and educational institution names!

A resume is a snapshot of your educational and career highlights, but also:

  • Summarizes who you are, outlining relevant skills and experience
  • Identifies eligibility for a role or position
  • Highlights your unique skills
  • Presents your story to recruiters
  • Remains with the recruiter throughout the process.

Source: Canva

Build you CV online on LinkedIn for potential employers to see – but instead of just downloading the CV pdf from LinkedIn, create a CV that stands out. We’ve rounded up a few online resources with free CV templates for you:

  3. Jofibo
  4. CoolfreeCV
  5. ResumeLab
  6. NovoResume

Cover letter templates and examples:

  1. Canva and examples
  2. Jofibo
  3. BuzzCV