6 CV Tips

CV tips for South Africans - Jobs in South Africa

Your CV is the first impression you will make on a recruiter or potential employer. Here are 5 CV tips:

  1. Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for
    Using a CV that is not tailored to the position you are applying for may be hurting your chances of getting invited for an interview. Take the time and make sure your CV talks to the requirements of the job.
  2. Write in full sentences
    Instead of using abbreviations, SMS text speak or short blunt sentences, embellish your CV with well-structured sentences.
  3. Explain gaps on your CV
    Took a sabbatical or got retrenched? Explain this on your CV. Recruiters and potential employees are more likely to not question your CV when they know there is a valid reason for you not being employed.
  4. Ensure your online CV is not a brief version
    A lot of recruiters hunt for potential candidates for their clients online. If your online CV is just a summary, you may be missing out on standing out from other potential candidates.
  5. Include a great cover letter
    Really want the job? Tell the recruiter why you would be the perfect fit and what you will bring to the table.
  6. References
    Remember to let the references you list on your CV know they may be getting calls!

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