5 tips to be a productive work-from-home employee

Are you new to the work-from-home or remote work reality after South Africa went into lockdown? You can still get your work done, take care of your family and make time for breaks.

Our tips for starting your work-from-home life on the right foot:

  1. You will need a dedicated office space. Working from bed or in pajamas doesn’t count. Find a quiet corner in your house where you can set up desk with your computer, notepads, pens…
  2. Stick to a schedule. If you have young kids, start your work day earlier; then spend time with the kids; and continue your work hours again to make up time. Be sure to take turns with your partner for work and child care.
  3. Work with purpose according to a list of tasks. This is the probably the most important step to follow to stay on schedule.
  4. Stay in contact with your colleagues. We are all in this together and you can still work as a team even if you are apart.
  5. Take your coffee/tea break and lunch hour. You still need breaks for your eyes, to stretch your legs and have some social interaction in your day – it makes you a better work-from-home employee.

At GoldenRule we’ve been working from home for over a week already. Our ICT partner assisted us in setting up additional communication channels that has enabled us to continue looking after our GoldenRulers as if we are at the office. Our staff has settled into their new home offices and together we will work towards our goals.