Transition from Office Worker to Remote Worker

Working from home or being a remote worker always sounded like a dream – until now. Switching from office-based to home-based happened almost overnight for most of us. The world and work can’t stand still while we are in isolation.

Work when you are most productive

What may have worked well for you at the office may not work so well with a family that has nowhere to go during the coronavirus lockdown. Just remember, your team is in the same boat as you, they will understand if you need to step away from your desk because of children or if your working hours only partially overlap with theirs.

Stay in office mode

It takes discipline to stay as productive at home as you were at the office. Get into a routine that includes being at your desk at a set time, responding to emails and other messaging apps in a “strictly business” manner.

Your space

Your new home office space may not be the ideal location or size, but make the most of it. Set up your desk with all the essentials you are used to, get the best chair you can and make sure that everyone knows that this is your workspace.

Distractions at home

Thought the talkative colleague at the office office would be your biggest obstacle at work? Now you have pets, kids, a partner, husband or wife all vying for attention while you are trying to work.

Set boundaries and expectations with your home crowd during a family meeting. Your productivity is what will keep the wheels turning at work and ultimately help the whole country in the end.

Social Media disconnect

During an extraordinary event such as a worldwide pandemic you may be tempted to check the news and social media more regularly for updates. Make it harder for yourself to reach your phone and log out of all “remember details” logged in channels.

We’ve shared 5 tips on being a productive work-from-home-employee to help you stay on track.

Commit to doing your share and more while working from home. All of us are in this together.