IT Skills Assessment

IT Skills Audits and Technical Benchmarking

GoldenRule, in partnership with IKM, provides IT Skills Audits and Technical Benchmarking services.

Technical Benchmarking allows clients to identify specific knowledge gaps within the organization and assists with planning to counter the exposures as a result of these gaps.

  • Understand your existing employees skill levels by individual, group or through the organisation.
  • Perform Skill Gap Analysis at the individual, departmental and enterprise levels.
  • Identify training programmes for individual or group levels.
  • Identify recruiting requirements based on skill gaps.
  • Link assessments to your Learning Management System (LMS) to optimize talent management efforts.

Enterprise Application

  • Recruitment (pre-hire testing)
  • Pre-and Post-training Testing
  • Certification
  • Benchmarking
  • Workforce planning/Project Team Management


  • IT
  • Ability – Behavioral and Cognitive Test
  • SkillCheck – Occupational Knowledge and Skill Test
  • IT Vocational Aptitude

TestBuild TM

  • Tailored solution
  • Proven content
  • Eliminates the need for multiple assessments
  • Enables further skills analysis and reporting

TestWrite TM

  • Provides an overall score out of 100, indicating a general view of the individual’s knowledge level within the discipline
  • Offers a percentile for comparison to other test-takers
  • Breaks down the assessment results into sub-skills for a true indication of strengths and weaknesses across the discipline
  • Provides an indication of work speed that is important when considering time critical projects
  • Measures the extent to which the individual can apply the knowledge in a practical sense.
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