5 Tips to get Linkedin to work for you

LinkedIn tips for jobseekers

Make networking a priority this year by building new connections and strengthening existing ones – and this includes your LinkedIn network. Remember, you may be one connection away from the right connection person that will connect you to the right opportunity…

  1. Update your profile. Be sure to update your headline and complete the about section in the third person. Highlight your recent experience, current skills and objectives. Find 10 people on LinkedIn who have the job you want and model your profile on theirs if you need ideas.
  2. Let people know that you are available, turn on the #OPENTONETWORK
  3. Ask your peers to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn.
  4. Research the companies you are interested in working for and follow them.
  5. Connect, connect, connect… Network with people that could help you land your next position.

“…be careful not to scare away new or distant connections by asking for too much too soon. Asking a person for a job referral after only one or two online conversations could spoil a budding relationship, for example.” – Source: Five job search trends of 2020 that you’ll need in 2021

At GoldenRule we’re doing our best to connect candidates and companies and part of that effort includes finding you online even if you haven’t sent us your CV for another vacancy yet.